About Us

It's an "add to cart" kinda day!


MD Online, trading as Compufy is a South African company that is based in Queenstown in the Eastern Cape.  The company is an online business that runs a few online outlets.  Our products are sourced from suppliers from all over the country.  We only allow the best, top quality products to be listed on our website and giving you the customer great service is all we strive for.


MD Online is always looking for opportunities to bring the best customer service and products to the customer.

We also try to find products with the best prices.  We have learned from previous mistakes and we still are looking for ways to improve our system and service.


MD Online was started in 2013, we only sold men’s items such as quirky gadgets, etc on a website called The Mens Den.  After a year or so we saw a major demand for online IT products and added them to our range.  In 2015 we listed our products on Takealot. In 2016 we upgraded our system so that we offer an even faster, more reliable website. This year saw our vision take on a new path as we started Compufy. The brand change betters suites our long term vision as a company.


You can email a customer service agent at info@compufy.co.za.  You can also contact us from the contact page.


Shipping costs R99 per delivery and delivery times range from 1-3 working days. All items are shipped from South Africa only.  We do not ship internationally at the moment.  Read full shipping info on the shipping page.


We also have a few products that are sourced from the USA.  In the product description, you will notice it will say that this item will take 7-14 working days to be imported.  This is an international import.  We use the best supplier who ships the quickest directly to you.  Read more about this here.


Shopping on The Men’s Den is easy.  We have a step by step guide on this page that will assist you.  If you still are still having difficulties please email us at info@compufy.co.za for further help.

What can we do for you ?

We have listed 9000 + products.All these products are the best quality available in RSA.Each products carries great warranty & guarantees.

All orders are packed and processed within 24 hours of the order been placed. Deliveries usually take 1-3 working days. Read more here.

Contact us at 045 838 1994 or email us at hello@compufy for any customer service query.