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Microworld USB AC Adapter 2.0 AMP

2 x USB Ports

Input: 100-240V

Output: 5.0V /2.0A

2 Pin Wall Adapter

Item type USB wall adapter charger

Colour Black

This 5V DC, 2.0A USB Power Supply is a very useful little adapter that plugs directly into a 2-pin wall outlet and is capable of charging or powering a USB device at 5V from an AC power source

It is mostly recognized as a cell phone charging adapter. but can also be used for other low-power peripherals that run or charge via USB

Although adapters like these are typically acquired with new smart phones and other small USB devices, not every package includes one of these – and sometimes they can get lost or broken

This is why we always make sure to stock these types of adapters, because not everyone has accessibility to a computer to charge or power their USB devices in the traditional fashion

 Others may also simply enjoy the convenience of being able to charge directly from a wall outlet, as this allows for independence from computers, allowing people to take their projects wherever they need without having to take along a laptop or entire computer just to power it

These Power Adapters are coloured black to maintain a discrete aesthetic style, and can adapt power inputs of between 100 and 240V AC